Ultimate Men's Waxing

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Ultimate Men's Waxing; from the brows to the toes and Everthing in between!

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Welcome to the world of
Ultimate Men’s Waxing

Here for the first time at a special time-limited offer price is the 130-page full sized e-Book showing you the fascinating world of Ultimate Men’s Waxing.

Not only are the full details of how to effectively and efficiently remove hair from both front and rear of the male torso, intimate areas and also includes bonus treatments such as nostrils and ears, how to best shape manly brows and plenty of tips.

There’s nothing left to the imagination! Full colour photos of every stage will help you to clearly and easily position the customer and give you advice on how to apply and remove the wax safely and maximising client comfort at all times.

Easily print out the pages you want to refer to – or even take the file on your laptop or tablet PC directly into your clinic.

Packed into this e-Book is a history of human hair removal (since Stone Age times), advantages and disadvantages of different methods, a detailed list of all the professional equipment you’ll ever need to buy, hygiene procedures and specialist guidance for professional communication with a half naked customer.

There’s also plenty of pages of business experience, covering marketing, the answers to commonly asked customer questions, a view on mobile therapy, personal safety, aftercare and some tips on specific language to use.

Know your Perineum from your Mons Pubis? Your Testes from your Natal Cleft? Your Glans from your Vas Deferens? You Soon Will!!

How do you hold a scrotum for waxing? What type of wax should I use? What to advise after waxing? How to stop wax from sticking to the skin and troubleshooting advice? It’s all here!

All these and more are answered in this awesome step-by-step guide.

“It’s so simple to follow at every stage!”

Drawing on over 25 Years experience of delivering outstanding customer service, the author (an independent and fully qualified successful Male Waxing Therapist) explains the secrets behind this most specialised customer service using every day language and carefully crafted professional quality photography.

As a director of BABTAC (the British Association of Beauty Therapists And Cosmetologists) and its international educational arm CIBTAC, he has the respected esteem of the UK’s largest international Industry Body representing male therapists and clients.

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